Saturday, January 16, 2010

"cutting edge" technology: Guess who is he?

Look at the person in this picture carefully.

You never know when you may see him, for example buying some hot dholl puris Chez Vivi, and get a $25 million reward from the U.S. government.

He is Osama bin Laden - not how he actually looks like but only a mockup 'age progressed' picture that FBI released some days back to show how they think bin Laden would look like today.

Even suspected terrorists get older. The last pictures of Osama bin Laden are dated 8 years back. Hence, suspects' pictures need to be updated to enable public better identify them.

That's why the American security agents and the forensic artists had used sophisticated digital enhancements to create pictures showing how Osama bin Laden might look today.

On a more serious note, this picture makes me imagine how creative these forensic guys can be at times - from the military clothes to a more western look, from traditional turban to the gray hair, and no more the long beard.

And (following some additional readings), this is the most interesting part...

Gaspar Liamazares.

Who is he? A Spanish politician and lawmaker.

So what? This guy recognised strong elements of himself in the bin Laden picture. His forehead, hair and jaw-line had been "cut and pasted" from an old campaign photograph.

FBI claimed to have used "cutting edge" technology to reproduce this image but later admitted that a technician "was not satisfied" with the hair features offered by the FBI's software programme and instead he used part of a photo of Gaspar Liamazares, found on the internet. The technician was not even aware who the person is.

What an example of 2010's sophistication!!!!!!!!

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